Return policy is one of the policies that most concern visitors today. Along with its commitment to providing prestige, quality and thoughtful services, HTS INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with the best customer care products and services.

Accordingly, you can change your order (tour, service) or even cancel the Tour or service within the time specified by
In case of tour cancellation by the customer:

  • Cancellation before 30-45 days: 10% of the total price of the tour.
  • Cancellation before 20-30 days: 20% of the total price of the tour
  • Cancellation before 25 days: 25% of the total cost of the tour, Cancel before 15 days: 30% of the total cost of the tour
  • Cancellation before 07 days: 40% of the total cost of the tour, Cancel before 03 - 06 days: 75% of the total cost of the tour,
  • After the above time: 100% of the total tour cost.

Warranty conditions - Return product

1. When you want to cancel the Tour or cancel your booking, you must comply with the compensation rules stated above.

2. In case of force majeure such as natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, war…. The two sides will not be responsible for any compensation.

3. In case misses the date, time, tour itinerary ... will take full responsibility and pay compensation as agreed between the customer and

With quality products and perfect travel service quality with reasonable customer care, HTS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD believes that you will be satisfied and secure when coming to us!

HTS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD always tries to bring customers the most perfect products and services. However, in the transaction process, the shortcomings will still be unavoidable, we hope to receive sincere comments from customers so that HTS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD is more and more perfect.