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About Us

HTS International Travel is a member travel brand of HTS International - a multinational travel and trade company headquartered in Australia.

HTS International Travel is the experienced team who are working in the leading dynamic environment of the Vietnamese tourism industry also we are young, modern, enthusiastic team alongside civilization beside tourism Australian professionals with a high-class tourism background and a long history of development. HTS International Travel emphasizes experience rather than pure travel, where customers are the true owner of each trip to feel the best values that travel brings, that is comfort and relaxation, connect, … stay away from everyday stresses ... Enjoy your own trip and the rest let HTS International Travel taking care of like our slogan "Your Amazing Trip".

Tầm nhìn của chúng tôi


HTS International Travel is formed from the friendship of the young generation of Vietnam and Australia, so the orientation of HTS International Travel is the travel brand representing the young generation of Vietnam, fully converging the elements Mind - Vision - Knowledge - Force to stand shoulder to shoulder with regional and international countries.

Sứ mệnh của chúng tôi


HTS International Travel brings the quintessence of Vietnamese people to international friends and brings civilization, modernity and development thinking back to Vietnam. The mission of HTS International Travel is for a more civilized and better Vietnam in the eyes of the world friends.

Sứ mệnh của chúng tôi


The core values of HTS International Travel are: "Trust is built from honesty, the value gained through dedication to customers"

Speech of CEO

Dear customers and partners, HTS International Travel is proud to be a business originally formed from the cooperation between a generation of young businessmen between Vietnam and Australia not only in the tourism field but also in commerce and many other fields. The mission of HTS International Travel is to bring great experiences in a land of unique culture and friendly Vietnamese people to international visitors. HTS International Travel is committed to not only a journey, but also the experience of comfort, smiles, sharing, connection through dedicated services for you and your companions, ... Let the dedication, understanding and professionalism of HTS International Travel take care of your wonderful trip like our own slogan "HTS International Travel - Your Amazing Trip".

CEO: Phan Đình Thảo
  • Master Of Science In Travel And Tourism Management
  • Lecturers at universities: Dalat University, Khanh Hoa University, ...
  • Former Director of Saigontourist Nha Trang
  • Former CEO of Global Open Travel Joint Stock Company
  • Vice Chairman of Khanh Hoa KTA Travel Association
Hakan Boga - CEO -

- Master Of Science In Travel And Comercial
- Business man at Sydney Australia
- Co-Founder Organic & Health Food
- Co-Founder Lashing Food Co.,Ltd

Seyhan Boga

- Tourism Management Certificated
- Business man at Sydney Australia
- Co-Founder Organic & Health Food
- Co-Founder Lashing Food Co.,Ltd

Members of HTS International Viet Nam