This country is a land rich in products, diverse in ecological environment and culinary habits. This country soon had a process of opening up to the outside world, so generations of Quang Nam residents have gradually built up a fairly rich culinary routine with many unique nuances such as: Cao Lau Hoi An, Wonton, Hoi An noodle soup, Hoi An bread, pound cake - fried mussels, Tam Huu, Cau Mong veal, stir-fried cactus or cactus salad...

Coming to Hoi An - Quang Nam, do not forget to visit famous attractions such as:

Hoi An Ancient Town: The old tile roofs covered with moss, the streets filled with the red color of lanterns, the intricately carved diaphragms, all bring us back to a world of a few hundred years ago. . But what makes people most impressive is the Covered Bridge, famous for its fancy architecture that forms a symbol of Hoi An temples. Covered Bridge, also known as Japanese pagoda, was built in the Japanese style, but after many restorations, people found it increasingly imbued with Vietnamese-Chinese culture.
Cua Dai Beach: Cua Dai beach is peaceful and calm like the soul of Hoi An ancient town. The special thing about Cua Dai beach is that it is very clean, no matter where you stop during the 7km length of the beach here, you never have to complain because everything is very clean and fresh.
Traditional craft villages: Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry village...
Seven-acre coconut forest: From Hoi An ancient town, down to the Southeast along Hoai river about 3 km is to Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area. During the war, this area was a revolutionary base. Today, the coconut forest has become an attractive eco-tourism destination, considered by many to be "the West in the heart of Hoi town". The nipa forest here is located at the downstream of two big rivers: Thu Bon and Co Co river before emptying into Cua Dai.
Vinwonder Nam Hoi An: This is an entertainment complex built later, the most prominent one is River safari in Hoi An, the largest wildlife reserve in the world, including 39 species of wild animals. rare wild with 42,000 individuals: Bengal tiger, white lion, rhinoceros, antelope, giraffe…. Instead of watching wild animals through the window of a tuk tuk or specialized vehicle, coming to Vinpearl River Safari, visitors will experience a new feeling when sitting on a boat, lost in the scenery of the mystical Amazon river. Discover the wildlife of rare and precious animals on both sides of the river, slowly descend to simulate the Amazon River to discover the lives of a variety of rare and wild animals from all over the world.
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