Coming to Hanoi, you will enjoy many famous dishes not only in the country but also in the world. Like Hanoi Pho, Hanoi Bun Cha, La Vong Cha Ca, etc. Pho Hanoi is known for its special taste, which is stewed from beef bones for a long time and the water is very clear. Pho is often served with herbs such as green onions, basil, ....

Traveling to Hanoi, visitors will not be able to ignore famous attractions such as:

 Sword Lake: Sword Lake is a natural lake located in the center of Hanoi city, in the middle of the lake there is an ancient turtle tower that adds to the beauty of the city, especially every autumn. Visitors to Hanoi often enjoy walking around Hoan Kiem Lake and admiring the most crowded city in Vietnam. Walking Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning will be very interesting because many Hanoians walk around this lake very early in the morning.
Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: This is a complex of relics associated with the history of Thang Long citadel that has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage (2010). This massive structure was built by kings through many historical periods. Although not magnificent, not shimmering, brilliant, the Imperial Citadel has a particularly great value, which is the cultural and historical value of thousands of years. The most attractive point in this place is Ky Dai, also known as Hanoi flagpole - a symbol of the free spirit of the nation.
The Huc Bridge: The bridge over Hoan Kiem Lake is made of raw wood and painted in red, the bridge is designed to curve and bend like a shrimp. Is the bridge leading to Ngoc Son temple with the meaning of retaining the beautiful light of the sky. From The Huc Bridge, you can visit Ngoc Son Temple - a temple located on Ngoc Island, Hoan Kiem Lake.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: If you have set foot in the land of thousands of years of civilization, Uncle Ho's Mausoleum - Ba Dinh Square is a tourist destination in Hanoi that you cannot ignore. This place is the political center of Vietnam with the National Assembly, the Presidential Palace, the Ho Chi Minh Museum, etc. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the place to store the body of the beloved leader. Outside the mausoleum are rows of green bamboo. The Mausoleum is open on Tuesday, 4, 5, 7 and Sunday mornings. When visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum, you should pay attention to dress neatly, do not bring electronic devices to record records and keep order in the mausoleum.
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