On January 18, 2023, or the 27th of the Lunar New Year, a representative of the Kun & Rio charity fund - a fund belonging to HTS International Company visited and gave gifts to encourage children with special circumstances at Thien Tam - Phuoc Dong shelter - Nha Trang.

Thien Tam Shelter is a familiar address where the Kun & Rio Foundation has accompanied for many years, this place has been and is a common home for more than 100 disadvantaged children over nearly 20 years of operation. Currently, the shelter is directly nurturing 13 children of different ages.

On the occasion of Tet to spring, the children are gathered together with new clothes, spring-flavored dishes, ... so that they can have a warm and loving Tet like every other baby, It is a great effort from the leadership of the shelter and the cooperation of the Kun & Rio Foundation for this very practical activity.