The subject field experience program is a trip for tourism students to experience and learn practical experiences in the tourism industry in the tourism training program - Khanh Hoa University. HTS International Travel with a professional and experienced team has been honored to be the unit selected by the Faculty of Tourism, Khanh Hoa University to impart professional skills as well as experience in the context of the current tourism industry. facing many of today's challenges. Therefore, the program needs to bring in-depth practical knowledge about tourism in general and about the travel and hotel industries in particular, in order to equip students with a solid foundation of practical knowledge and professional service for a career after graduation.

During in 3 days, including sightseeing activities to find out the outstanding tourist spots in Da Lat, exchange and learn about the space of gong culture in the Central Highlands and especially the students had a practical session. Learn about the processes and operations at the 5-star Edensee Dalat Resort. In here, the students are guided and organized by the experienced experts of HTS International Travel to help them gain access to professional knowledge in the most complete and practical way, thereby helping them to have a successful career. visualize reality and equip yourself with the necessary equipment for your upcoming work. The total program with an impressive Gala night with a new and attractive White Party theme. In addition to the practical experience of skills in event organization, animation, etc., the Gala night brought an explosive and fun atmosphere, contributing to enhancing the solidarity between classes in the tourism department during the trip. this professional reality.

The delegation ended a 3 days professional field trip in Da Lat with the support of HTS International Travel. With experience, professionalism and spirit for the training of future human resources for the tourism industry, HTS International Travel has brought the students of Khanh Hoa University's Tourism Faculty a useful and meaningful trip. meaning and good success.