From December 2020 to now, Khanh Hoa Provincial Youth Union has launched and organized a reality TV show called "Start-up race".

The program aims to encourage, encourage and build the spirit of entrepreneurship, self-employment and career development; create a favorable environment to support young people to innovate and be creative and participate in local socio-economic development; promote the impulsive role of union members and youth in learning, researching and applying scientific and technological advances... The program's content revolves around good models and scientific research activities in the delegation to improve professional qualifications, promote entrepreneurship movement.

Through many attractive and engaging rounds, the program has reached the final round, with the participation of 5 teams with the best ideas and plans:

- GVJ Clean Rice

- Volunteer travel

- Greenhouse melons

- Craving for seafood

- Blockchain

And after exciting rounds of competition, on the afternoon of January 15, 2021, the reality TV show "Startup race" ended with great success. The best names of this year's contest have also been named along with worthy rewards for your efforts over the past time.

 The first prize of this year's Race called the Blockchain idea.

 The idea of ​​“Greenhouse melons” and “Volunteer tourism” also tried very hard to get their names on the 2nd and 3rd prizes.

 Two teams "GVJ Clean Rice" and "Craving for Seafood" shared consolation prizes.

The success of this year will probably be a solid premise to have more useful programs like this for young people to have the opportunity to express their creativity and contribute good ideas to build our Khanh Hoa. growing stronger day by day.

HTS International Travel once again congratulates the program, congratulates Startup Race 2020 on a great success, congratulates all the great contestants, hopes that you will continue to grow and fly high thanks to the push and trust from you dedicated people who built this program.

HTS International Travel is honored to be a companion and mentor for the teams during the competition. Mr. Phan Dinh Thao - CEO General Director of HTS International Travel was invited to be one of 05 judges for the contest